The innovative paradigm

of agricultural land utilization development under

the decentralization: the public aspect

Autor: Olena Lazarieva, Svitlana Lizakowska

Liczba stron: 160

Oprawa: miękka

Język: angielski

Rok wydania: 2021

Wydawca: FNCE


The monograph emphasizes the development features of the process of convergence in agricultural land-utilization, outlines the need for agricultural land-utilization planning based on the foresight methodology, substantiates the methodological basis for the innovative agricultural land-utilization model in a decentralized environment, and defines the institutional basis for the effective land-utilization organization. Both the methodology and categorical and conceptual toolkit chosen by the authors correspond to the modern research and the study tasks. The monograph contains argumentation of prospects for the land-utilization development under the decentralization. The work analyzes the scientific research, which demonstrates the feasibility of using the methodology chosen by the authors.

From review of Professor O. Sadchenko


The role and functions of agricultural land-utilization in our country’s economy can’t be overestimated. The ability to provide people with food and the industry with raw materials fully depends on the land-utilization development and its organization. Therefore, the further land-utilization development should be facilitated by the innovative activity of science that would be able to accumulate and use knowledge, thus obtaining social, economic and other benefits. In this context the reviewed monograph “The innovative paradigm of agricultural land-utilization development under the decentralization: the public aspect” deserves attention.

From review of Professor Olha V. Prokopenko


…This monograph is a valuable contribution to solving the complicated methodological issues of agricultural land utilization development under the conditions of decentralization, it is also a remarkable reference point for the local authorities, executive and self-governing bodies, legal and private bodies, and especially agricultural manufacturers to use in their activities. The practical value of the monograph is in its acquired scientific results, conclusions, and suggestions that can be used further in practical measures to create an innovative basis for agricultural land utilization under the conditions of decentralization. This monograph might become an object of scientific and practical interest for a wide range of readers, scientists and practitioners.

Reviewer Professor A. Sokhnych