Innovation in the copper industry

Autor: Miłosz Czopek, Paweł Greń, Anna Wojciechowicz

Liczba stron: 259

Oprawa: miękka

Język: angielski

Rok wydania: 2022

Wydawca: FNCE


The concepts of innovation, indursty, and copper – as intended by the editors of the monograph presented to the Readers – define the theoretical field of the discussed considerations. They appear in various research perspectives, in broadly understood engineering and technical sciences, as well as in social sciences. Therefore, they constitute an open area of interpretation that cannot be reduced to a single interpretation or closed within one specific theoretical field. Innovation ans issues related to its individual aspects are currently perceived as one of the fundamental issues determining socio-eco-nomic development. Globalization, technological and social changes, the constant metamorphosis of the area of production, trade, services, consumption, and the continually growing market awareness of buyers – have become the sources of the intensification of the observed competitive phenomena. Meeting these new conditions forces organizations to search for nev, more effective and flexible ways of competing and to constantly indentify all possibilities of modeling and rationalizing the market position. (…) Therefore, regardless of the definition, competitiveness is one of the most important determinants of modern enterprises, and innovative solutions can – and should – be sought in the product, process, marketing and image, and organizational fields. The monograpg titled „Innovation in the copper industry” consists of thirteen chapters, divided into two sections. The first one includes considerations and research results in the field of technical and engineering sciences. The second deals with topics from the area of social sciences. The authors of the most texts include, among others, specialists conducting research in the most important academic centers in Poland, employees of research institutes, companies, and management staff at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.