National security forecast

Polish perspective

Autor: Bogdan Grenda, Piotr Chrochmalski, Halina Świeboda

Liczba stron: 220

Oprawa: twarda

Język: angielski

Rok wydania: 2018

Wydawca: FNCE


The reviewed monograph  has both cognitive and practical value. The cognitive value results from the authors’ scientific analysis of significant problems that have not yet been researched. The utilitarian value of the publication is expressed in the form of the presentation of forecasts, which perform an important social role, i.e. they provide the foundation for strategic foundation, long-term planning and decision-making. Furthermore, they lay the grounds for the forthcoming changes, help to become accustomed to them. The forecasts presented in the monograph produce specific recommendations for appropriate reaction to risks, threats and challenges, which allows to exert influence on the future.

From the reviews Prof. dr hab. inż. Grzegorza Sobolewskiego


The reviewed monograph is a groundbreaking publication on the Polish publishing market. A group of leading  scientists have undertaken an incredibly difficult  task to investigate the Polish raison d’état. The task has been fully performed. Not only have the authors defined Polish national interest but they have also elaborated the challenges and threats faced by Poland and produced a forecast horizon for up to 2025.

From the reviews dr hab. Arkadiusza Czwołeka